Senior Living Technology Integration

By: Scott McCorvie | CEO Vita Senior Living | Founder Generational Movement | Senior Living Investments | Senior Living Growth Advisors

I’m a huge fan of leveraging senior living technology to improve the overall efficiency —  along with the health, wellness, and vitality each one of our residents and their families. However, as an operator, there’s just so many other daily challenges and other necessities that go into running a community, that implementing the latest technologies just isn’t on the top of mind for most groups.  

So, in this segment, I’m going to discuss a critical component of senior living technology to really get the most bang for your buck – integration.

There’s just been so many challenges and raising costs to senior living owners and operators over the past few years, that adding new costs isn’t appealing. From Covid, to rapid inflation, to increasing wage pressure, most groups are still just trying to stay afloat.  

However, I feel most groups fail to realize the huge incremental value associated to implementing strategic technology platforms in your community and operational model. You just can’t buy the type of promotional advertising you get when happy residents are shouting from the rooftops about how amazing your community is– and, that happiness doesn’t come from the real estate – it comes from their experience.

But, to truly improve the resident’s experience, and enhance the reputation and financial performance of your community, you absolutely need to leverage these latest technologies and promote them heavily in your marketing strategy. But, it’s not just having the lates technologies that make a huge improvement, but you need these technologies to work together for you – otherwise, it’s just viewed as a burden to the team, and not a valuable asset. So, the platforms must integrate and work together.  

Your leads should be scored and ranked in your CRM. Your CRM should flow into your EMR. Your EMR should integrate into your scheduling and engagement platforms. Your engagement platforms should integrate with your marketing strategy and CRM communication. And, a daily KPI dashboard is critical to review trends in your community and take immediate corrective actions. Overall, each piece of technology is so critical to the overall senior living experience, but if it’s not integrated and working together, it’s just going to be more work and viewed as a burden to your team. Again, it’s the team and people that makes this industry so amazing.  

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Scott McCorvie | CEO Vita Senior Living | Founder Generational Movement | Senior Living Investments | Senior Living Growth Advisors